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ACPE Statutes


The Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education is established by Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) Title 15 – Education, Chapter 14, Articles 5 and 7.  You can visit the statutes online at  or click on the statute below to take you directly to the statute.


Article 11 Mathematics, Science snd Special Education Teacher Student Loan Program

15-1781 Definitions
15-1782 Mathematics, science, special education and elementary education teacher student loans; requirements; report
15-1783 Mathematics, science, special education and elementary education teacher student loans; interest; obligations; repayment; authority of attorney general
15-1784 Mathematics, science and special education teacher student loan fund
15-1785 Program termination



Article 5 Commission for Postsecondary Education

15-1851 Commission for postsecondary education; purpose; report; members; terms; powers and duties; compensation; quorum; immunity; definition
15-1852 Additional powers and duties
15-1853 Funding; federal monies; postsecondary education fund
15-1854 Private postsecondary education student financial assistance program; fund; definition
15-1855 Postsecondary education grant program; fund; program termination; definition
15-1856 Leveraging educational assistance program; criteria


Article 7 College Savings Plan

15-1871 Definitions
15-1872 Family college savings program oversight committee; membership; powers and duties
15-1873 Commission for postsecondary education; powers and duties; family college savings program trust fund
15-1874 Use of contractor as account depository and manager
15-1875 Program requirements
15-1876 Higher education expenses; exemption from taxation
15-1877 Scholarships and financial aid provisions
15-1878 Limitations of article
15-1879 Annual report

















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