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2013 AMEPAC Report
Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2013: Arizona In Transformation (Full Report - 92 pages)
  • This report provides a "snapshot" of the educational achievement of minority students in Arizona. It is designed to furnish a structure for evaluating where Arizona stands today. The 2013 report is the fifth in a series with reports issued in 2009, 2007, 2005 & 2003.
  • New to the 2013 report is trend analysis, graduate program data and policy recommendations (provided by AMEPAC)

Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2013: Executive Summary  
  • Executive Summary and Policy Recommendations (12 pages)
Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2013: County Data
  • Additional information and data from Arizona's 15 counties
To Learn and Earn Topline Findings

To Learn and Earn: Arizonan's Experiences Competing in the Race for Good Jobs
  • Concludes a two-year study commissioned by the Arizona Minority Policy Analysis Center (AMEPAC)
  • Describes the on-the-ground experiences of Arizona's students and young adults as they prepare for a changing workforce and ever-increasingly competitive regional and global economy

To Learn and Earn: Arizona’s Unfinished Business in Human Capital (2009) To Learn and Earn: Arizona’s Unfinished Business in Human Capital (2009)
  • Summarizes the global awareness of education and its economic impact at the 30,000 and 10,000 foot levels and focuses on the research necessary to understand the interplay of education and economic awareness on the ground in Arizona.
  • This report has brought into focus the questions Arizonans need answered to ascertain the best course of action to ensure a successful economic future for Arizona.
Other AMEPAC Reports
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Minority Student Report

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